June 10th, 2012

Death of an ant

I saw an ant die. You might think “there is nothing extraordinary in an ant dieing”, but this was no ordinary death. I am sitting down reading, when our of the corner of my eye I see something moving on the floor, I put down my book to take a close look at what caught my eye, and I see an ant walking around. There is nothing extraordinary about this ant, just a medium sized red ant looking for food. I raise my foot to squash it, but I bring my foot back and just looked at the ant and followed it around the floor. It seemed lost, trying to find it’s line, it climbed up and climbed down. At one moment it stopped moving, simply stood there moving it’s little antennas. Then it dropped it’s head. In a moment it turned it’s head around and bit it’s own body, there was twiching, I could see it screaming, a silent scream. Then it’s legs dropped and it curled into fetal position. It had killed itself, when it found no meaning to life, it couldn’t bare it.