June 25th, 2012

Its all about a girl

Its all about a girl

Literally a GIRL, which by the way, there is nothing wrong with being a girl, but let me explain.

Tumblr is a fantastic place, its a place were people share ideas, art, writing, and other cool things, but a lot of times tumblr is a mindless place of fangirls reblogging gifs, which is fine, but that is just not what I want in my dashboard.

So, let me tell you a little about my dash, there are constant post from an art blog, a popular science blog, a digital artist, Doctors without borders, a gay nerd, a friend and fellow, and finally the girl. Now, she is not the only girl I follow on tumblr, but she is The girl.

So let me tell you about the girl. In reality she is a stranger, in the cyber world… Well, she’s still a stranger. However, her blog is simply fantastic, I don’t believe that I have met many people (physically or in the web) that can argue their views, be it in the way of a reblog, a post, or conversation as well and simple as she does. I came across her blog when I first joined tumblr and she reblogged one of my posts, and after creeping a little through her page I was genuinely impressed by the cleverness and breeze of her posts, so I decided to follow her, waiting for that one post that would uncover her as a impostor of a bright mind, but the post never came, with every post that I saw in my dashboard I convinced myself that this girl was indeed a brilliant person (with a good sense of humor), so I decided to do a little more web creeping and went back to her blog.

So, I went to the beginning of her posts and sorted through most of them, I looked for those that told me a little about her, and finally one that mentioned her age group, and what a shock it was to discover that she is in high school! This brilliant girl was a high schooler, and my amazement grew even more when I realized that she was around 16! So, now you understand my opening sentence of “literally a girl”! 
Anyway, I am delightfully surprise to follow this young mind, and to be able to admire such a person, so Esmeralda (I believe that is her name) you are an amazing mind, and thank you for a delightful blog.

Note: I will include links for the blogs I mentioned once I get on a computer

Update: links are provided for all 3 of you haha.