June 15th, 2012

Not so simple, is it?!

So, my friends are all douchebags, dicks and bitches, which surprisingly doesn’t bother me because, well, I’m a douchebag and a dick and I like bitches. But here is the thing I have people skills, people listen when I talk and most of the time I persuade them to do what I want, and that is the reason thaf I am the one that usually plans get togethers and what not… And the one who also usually gets crap for how they were not that great.

Here’s the thing, YOU CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH WITH DOUCHEBAGS A BAG OF DICKS AND A BITCH! So, it was no surprise that when people wanted to get together but I was too busy to plan… and I let someone else handle the plans…Well… Things just went to shit… And people ended looking like real dickbags, and that is not fun… people get mad and dont want to talk to each other, and to be honest, that is why life is always boring around here, no one wants to take the time to plan, or go outside their comfort zone, so for today things went bad, but there is always tomorrow… Yours truly,

A dickbag