June 25th, 2012

I’m getting pretty good (old blog I never finished)

at this whole “hangover” thing, which by the way DO NOT DRINK CHEAP SCOTCH, it gives you horrible hangovers. Anyways so, as a “chemist” there are somethings on hangovers that just make sense, and as a biologist well even more. So I guess it’s one of those “he does it because he knows”. So just really quick, some tips on drinking to avoid hangovers. Eating Well, that one is pretty obvious but yes, eating will help you process alcohol slower, which means not such a bad hangover. However, there is a type of food that helps hangovers even more, fatty food. Fat covers the liner of your stomach, but also the conditions of your stomach (high acidity and “high” temperature) also help a chemical reaction between the alcohol and the fats to react and this also helps you process the alcohol slower. Now you know why drunk food consists of greasy tacos, greasy hamburgers and lots and lots of bacon. Water “The solution to pollution is dilution” says one of my engineering professors. The same applies to your body, the more diluted the alcohol the slower it process, now I do not mean don’t do shots, or really water down your alcohol, I hate that as much as you do. I mean after you are done for the night and you are getting ready to go to bed, drink as much water as you can, part of the symptoms of a hangover are caused by dehydration. Adding a bit of salt helps too. Salt replaces the Sodium lost as well as helps your body take in the water. Sports Drinks Same concept as water, but aimed towards hydration, sports drinks (gatorade, powerade,and everything that football players endorse) contain large amounts of electrolytes, which help the body stay hydrated it also contains large amounts of sugar which is an extra for energy in the morning. So these are things you should do the same night as you drink, specially drinking lots and lots of water, water is probably your best ally at fighting hangovers. on the morning drink juice and eat eggs, eggs have this hangover fighting chemical,  that is why we used to order an egg with a hamburger back in the day (I think they sell it in canada) but yeah. Stay thirsty