April 27th, 2013


the other night someone stole my bottle of everclear from my cousin’s apartment, it was 3/4 full and was to be used later. I found it weird, since there was only one person (he) who would’ve stole it, but he hadn’t (I wouldn’t have cared, cause he would’ve drunk it with me). A couple of days later, his roommates got into a huge argument about something really stupid that ended up in both of them moving out. As we tried to figure out what had happened that they had got into such a big argument, we remembered the everclear… And though “they drunk the fucking everclear thinking it was vodka and it fucked them over”. We haven’t found who stole it, and we havent figured out why the fought. So, for now, we stick to the story.

April 18th, 2013

Wel… I just took a garbage bin (yes, one of those giant things you put your trash in and then the garbage truck picks up) straight to the face… I’m not really looking forward to the rest of the day

April 14th, 2013

I will now proceed to post a bunch of sad posts because I am sad I more than likely won’t get to go see Crystal Castles and its a very selfish reason for me to be sad, but I am anyways… This is even worst than that one time I had VIP passes to go watch Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Regina Spektor and couldn’t go because I had a fuckin final that day.

April 7th, 2013
Three raids, an eviction notice and a bathtub later, I think it was time to call it a night.

Three raids, an eviction notice and a bathtub later, I think it was time to call it a night.

March 6th, 2013

Last Night

Friend: Order already!

Me: I don’t know what I want! I don’t like whataburger…

Friend: *shakes head and leaves*

Me: Oh! I know! *approaches counter* can I have a Whatachik’n kids meal

Cashier: *face of wtf?*

Me: *stares at cashier*

Cashier: *stares at me*

Me: I am drunk and willing to make a big deal about this…

Cashier: Would you like a Chocolate Chip cookie or a Cinnamon Sugar?

Me: Chocolate Chip please

Cashier: That’ll be 3.99

Whataburger kids’ meals are actually badass…. 

(Nobody likes to go out to eat with drunk me cause I always get kids meals :()

February 24th, 2013

It wasn’t Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who ended segregation in America, sure he took the fight to the media, but it wasn’t that what won the fight. No, it was the undeniable fact that America was black. That Elvis was a nobody who stole black folks’ songs. It was people getting tired of not being able to enjoy and dance to performers like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. It was the birth of Rock n Roll, Chuck Berry shredding on his guitar and blowing folks minds away.

How can you deny yourself, that your true identity is that which you refuse to accept? That is truly how segregation ended in America. Although we still have a long way to end racism, sexism and discrimination altogether, we should learn from the past. We won’t end it with protests and marches and screaming and yelling. No, we’ll end it with music, with Morgan Freeman ending segregated Proms and being one of the most beloved voices in the English speaking world. We’ll end it with Samuel L. Jackson daring you to “Say what one more goddamn time”. Discrimination will end by Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta and Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell sharing their love throughout the world.

Marches and protest are what people see of the fight against discrimination, but first, we must win their hearts.

January 27th, 2013

Tonight was sketchy as fuck, had a get together with some friends, then got an “invite” to a “party”, ended up in an apartment with a “weed room” with a girl that new a lot about me and other friends even though we’d never met her, ran away, got in the truck, got home loaded the 12 gauge, got back on the truck and called the people that we left there to make sure they made it out alright… oh and the “party” was only three other people that had got there 10 minutes before us and were sketchy as fuck.

October 7th, 2012

Another death

Yet another one… I’m only twenty one years old and I have seen more death than anyone else my age where I live. I’m tired of it… It has turned me dull, and I don’t want to be that. In other things, one of my cats is sick, I don’t know if he will make it through the night.

July 1st, 2012

Brown sugar with a touch of milk

Today I relapsed onto you. I broke down and I looked for you, once again.

I know I need to stop this, quit this.

It’s just so hard, when you’re all I need,

dont you know it?

Not the whiskey, not the tequila,

not even tobacco, will take away the taste of your kiss

June 25th, 2012

Its all about a girl

Its all about a girl

Literally a GIRL, which by the way, there is nothing wrong with being a girl, but let me explain.

Tumblr is a fantastic place, its a place were people share ideas, art, writing, and other cool things, but a lot of times tumblr is a mindless place of fangirls reblogging gifs, which is fine, but that is just not what I want in my dashboard.

So, let me tell you a little about my dash, there are constant post from an art blog, a popular science blog, a digital artist, Doctors without borders, a gay nerd, a friend and fellow, and finally the girl. Now, she is not the only girl I follow on tumblr, but she is The girl.

So let me tell you about the girl. In reality she is a stranger, in the cyber world… Well, she’s still a stranger. However, her blog is simply fantastic, I don’t believe that I have met many people (physically or in the web) that can argue their views, be it in the way of a reblog, a post, or conversation as well and simple as she does. I came across her blog when I first joined tumblr and she reblogged one of my posts, and after creeping a little through her page I was genuinely impressed by the cleverness and breeze of her posts, so I decided to follow her, waiting for that one post that would uncover her as a impostor of a bright mind, but the post never came, with every post that I saw in my dashboard I convinced myself that this girl was indeed a brilliant person (with a good sense of humor), so I decided to do a little more web creeping and went back to her blog.

So, I went to the beginning of her posts and sorted through most of them, I looked for those that told me a little about her, and finally one that mentioned her age group, and what a shock it was to discover that she is in high school! This brilliant girl was a high schooler, and my amazement grew even more when I realized that she was around 16! So, now you understand my opening sentence of “literally a girl”! 
Anyway, I am delightfully surprise to follow this young mind, and to be able to admire such a person, so Esmeralda (I believe that is her name) you are an amazing mind, and thank you for a delightful blog.

Note: I will include links for the blogs I mentioned once I get on a computer

Update: links are provided for all 3 of you haha.